You have landed right. Now I’m finally having some proof.. It’s just ’Screen Recorded’ wheb I use my SPOTIFY APP to choose songs and so on. Else you can only Shuffle songs and not pick one-buy-one..

It also says ”Henke Eastwood – Gratis/Free Account, Update to Premium bla bla’


Here you can get Spotify Premium for only $20 in ONE FEE charge. <– Click on link to go to our webshop

Money back guarante if it doesn’t work for two months.

Has worked for me some years now…

See how I can choose song exactly as in Premium.
No Shuffle, Real thing.
No Ads, No Subscription

OBS ⚠ – _ONLY_ for Android Smart Phones.


Got WhatsApp? If so – Add +46769364992 and we will help you thrue the process, really simple.

We have to charge first, else you can just dodge the payment after you got Spotify Premium without Subscription.

It may sound too good to be true, but that’s not the case. Me myself have been using this App for some years now, _NO_ Ads, Pick your songs – No Subscription – No monthly fee’s.

If you think this is a scam then you need to ask yourself why. Excactly.. If this wasn’t for real there would be unsatisfied customers..

We have Comment Board open so everyone can write about if it should be a scam or not.

If you want to make sure we can send screendumps that shows it’s 100% _REAL_Wan’t to get it right away, dont hessitate to send an email to and we will answer with INSTRUCTION how to get Spotify Premium without any Subscription.

Go to our WEBSHOP by clicking this link:


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